The Israel Land Administration

The Israel Land Administration (ILA) is the government agency responsible for managing this land which comprises 4,820,500 acres (19,508,000 dunams). "Ownership" of real estate in Israel usually means leasing rights from the ILA for 49 or 98 years.

Ford Foundation

The Ford Foundation has played a central role in the evolution and development of Israel’s civil society sector, now a dominant force in helping the nation confront its many challenges.

Goldman Foundation

Provides resources and leadership for creative, risk-taking philanthropy.

New Israel Fund

New Israel Fund is the leading organization committed to democratic change within Israel.

The Green Environmend fund

Supports small, local communal grass roots initiatives.


planners and architects with the goal of strengthening the connection between human rights and spatial planning in Israel.

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel - ACRI

Israeli human and civil rights organization.


Israel Union for Environmental Defense

An Israeli NGO promoting environmental protection in Israel

Green Action

A organization with the aim of promoting socio-ecological change through direct non-violent action, community service, and youth empowerment.

The Israeli Center for the Advancement of Social Justice

An association of volunteers that serves as a lobby for the advancement and cultivation of a just, unified and qualitative society.

The Kibbutzim site

Kibbutz Program Center - Takam-Artzi

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