About the ADJ

About the ADJ

The Association for Distributive Justice(ADJ) is a registered Israeli NGO that sets as its goal to reform the Israeli land system and bring about a just allocation of land resources, as well as other related resources such as water, quarries, housing rights, access to seashores, etc. within Israeli society

The ADJ was founded in 2004 by several social activists with a long history of public involvement regarding Israeli land issues

The ADJ is the only NGO which focuses on legal change and specializes in distributive justice and proper and equitable management of Israeli resources. The activities of the ADJ aim to contribute substantially to the advancement of democracy and social justice in Israel

The association focuses on national issues for the Israeli public at large which have wide-ranging economic or social repercussions but remain nevertheless neglected and unaddressed

The ADJ’s activities focus on the professional domain, predominantly legal actions in conjunction with the media, lobbying groups and public information activities

At present ADJ uses different means to promote the values of transparency and accessibility to information in the public arena

a. Through its newsletter: The ADJ relays information to the public regarding legal and administrative decisions concerning distributive justice that are not publicized, as well as regarding laws that are legislated and their implications on the rest of the public

b. By publishing articles and opinion pieces in the media: Transparency is achieved through publications and the uncovering of information that is hidden from public view. In order to advance transparency, ADJ works to create wider public and media attention to the issues it addresses

c. Through public relations activity: ADJ's representatives lecture at conferences in which academics, various social organizations, and additional sectors within Israeli society participate. Such lectures and public relations efforts promote transparency and raise public awareness to the problematic nature of land distribution in Israel

d. Through legal activity using the freedom of information act: ADJ requests information that has not been revealed to the public, from the different public bodies, based on the act. If refused, the ADJ uses legal tools to obtain this information

The ADJ goals are to monitor, analyze and prevent problematic transfers of public land into private hands or interest groups and advance the transparency of these transfers

We would like to thank the following foundations for their ongoing support

The Ford Foundation

The Goldman Foundation

The New Israel Fund

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